Safety and quality notice

Our products: CULLYGRAT®Fe and CULLYGRAT®MS, as well as our company CULLYGRAT®, have absolutely nothing to do with companies that offer "chemical deburring" or that even partially take texts from our descriptions or regulations or are located near us. We guarantee our consistent quality, perfection and the ability to re-form the workpieces processed with CULLYGRAT®.


CULLYGRAT ® Fe is the ONLY original, made ONLY in Germany and in China. CULYGRAT® Fe gives the long life guarantee without any problem during usage of the parts in any industries – high precision – automobile – aircraft – hydraulic- bearings –gears – textile – tools – Injector Systems – Pump Systems. CULYGRAT® MS – in the same way. CULLYGRAT ® is registered in all Asian countries and Europe. For all kind of materials, we use only the same CULLYGRAT ® Fe or for brass CULLYGRAT ® MS. If you find the same pictures on any other internet site, as seen on our internet sites or,
ONLY OUR pictures and descriptions.are original, made 1998 and 2006. The fact is, with our more than 25 years experiance you can be sure of our always perfect service.

Quality is our business

With our 20 years experience, trustful and successful cooperation in almost all sectors of the steel industry:

  • Automobile
  • Air and space travel
  • Hydraulic
  • Precision turned parts / milling and stamping parts,
we have succeeded with our CULLYGRAT ® - chemical deburring , to remain A supplier and reliable partner in the future.

We offer:

Free sample processing, In the partners firms which use our CULLYGRAT ® and with almost unlimited processing capacity.

Together we can achieve:

Your productive goals - deburring, dimensions, finishes and purity.

After the first step, we can offer:

The complete processing of your parts produced (soft or hardened) in one of our businesses, with short-term return delivery. You will receive extensive background knowledge of our CULLYGRAT ® method.

In any case of doubt, we work with international and independent institutions. Should you require to build own system, we would like to recommend you our plant engineers.