Safety and quality notice

Our products: CULLYGRAT®Fe and CULLYGRAT®MS, as well as our company CULLYGRAT®, have absolutely nothing to do with companies that offer "chemical deburring" or that even partially take texts from our descriptions or regulations or are located near us. We guarantee our consistent quality, perfection and the ability to re-form the workpieces processed with CULLYGRAT®.

CULLYGRAT® – process fills a gap in the market and represents chemical deburring in perfection.

Using a complex, automatic analysis process we have proven over 5 months that our CULLYGRAT® process in its composition, even with an extremely high throughput, absolutely works stably and without any fluctuation.

The surprisingly constant concentration of CULLYGRAT®, with enormous loads, has been confirmed to us by an international institute. We have been proving the perfection of CULLYGRAT® for more than 12 years.