Safety and quality notice

Our products: CULLYGRAT®Fe and CULLYGRAT®MS, as well as our company CULLYGRAT®, have absolutely nothing to do with companies that offer "chemical deburring" or that even partially take texts from our descriptions or regulations or are located near us. We guarantee our consistent quality, perfection and the ability to re-form the workpieces processed with CULLYGRAT®.


By deburring we understand the removing of microscopical metal particles from the surface of a workpiece. These particles are called Burrs . These are e.g. created by cutting, milling, punching and similar manufacturing processes.

Conventional processes for the removal of these burrs are mainly mechanical processes like grinding, polishing, sandblasting, electrochemical machining and thermal deburring.

In these cases the quality of the workpieces is often not satisfactory as the processes involve rather a high expenditure. In fact, workpieces with inner burrs can hardly be treated satisfactorily at all in conventional processes.

In the chemical deburring process the workpieces are fully automatically dipped into subsequent baths with one of these baths containing CULLYGRAT® solution. By means of this simple dipping treatment all burrs are removed and a surface with an optimal even level as well as round edges of perfect quality is obtained, which was not succeeded ever before.

Sharp edges, if necessary could be granted as well, e.g. for for the hydraulic industry.

Chemical deburring by means of CULLYGRAT® is ecologically friendly and saves production and staff costs.